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REFIR data products and results

Contact: Giovanni Bianchini, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (INO-CNR), Via Madonna del Piano 10, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (I) Tel. +39.055.522.6309, Fax. +39.055.522.6348

REFIR-PAD will supply the following products:

  • Raw measurement data (level 0), consisting in double sided interferograms corresponding to +/- 12.5 mm of optical path difference, measured on the two instrument channels, the metrology laser fringes acquired simultaneously to the interferograms, and the auxiliary data (webcam images, radiometers, housekeeping temperatures including the reference blackbody sources, and weather station data).

    REFIR-PAD interferograms (zenith view)

  • Unapodized, radiometrically and frequency calibrated downwelling radiance spectra (level 1). These specta contain information on the radiative effect of water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone and clouds in the far-middle infrared range (100 to 1500-1800 cm-1). In the range of 100-400 cm-1 these measurements are unique. Expected radiometric uncertainty, in terms of brightness temperature, is about 0.1K (@ 280K).
    REFIR-PAD calibrated spectra REFIR-PAD 1-month spectrogram

  • Geophysical products (level 2): water vapour and temperature vertical profiles and total precipitable water vapour (PWV), cloud extinction in the far-middle infrared. Expected uncertainty for PWV is about 5%-10%.
    REFIR-PAD temperature profiles REFIR-PAD water vapor profiles

An archive of the quicklook plots of the REFIR-PAD measurements can be found here: