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Fourier transform spectroscopy has been proven to be a valuable tool for the identification and quantification of the composition and the radiative properties of the atmosphere, with special attention to components involved in natural and anthropogenic processes.
Laboratory experiments, field campaigns and data interpretation have been developed to address the questions related to global and regional enviromental changes. Moreover, two instruments have been developed: an high resolution spectrometer, named SAFIRE-A (Spectroscopy of the atmosphere using far-infrared emission - airborne), and a low resolution spectrometer, named REFIR-BE (Radiation explorer in the far infrared - balloon experiment). Both instruments were built in house for operation on stratospheric platforms, SAFIRE-A operates from about 20 km flight altitude on-board of the Russian aircraft M55 - Geophysica and REFIR-BE operates from about 38 km float altitude on-board a balloon.